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Anyone Travelling to Nepal during covid19?

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I am travelling to Nepal on october 21 and would like to get help on do’s and dont’s.

Thank you


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  1. Due to the soaring number of #COVID19 cases in Kathmandu and other cities, Govt of Nepal has been stringent on policies for incoming passengers into Kathmandu. Hence, we request everyone to have these documents on hand before boarding the flight :
    1. RT-PCR report not exceeding 72 hrs prior to departure ( 72 hrs based on reported date ).
    2. Below link from the Nepalese Embassy of Washington DC must be filled & submitted :…/
    3. CCMC must be filled & submitted and have the pic of Bar Code with you or print the entire form :
    4. For US citizens from Nepali origin, who have to travel to Nepal due to emergency, MUST contact the Nepalese Embassy in Washington DC or Counsulate at New York and get Visa stamped on your passport along with an auth letter from the Embassy / Consulate before heading to the airport.

    Without all these proper documents, airlines might deny boarding at the airport.
    Rakesh Tuladhar
    Embassy of Nepal, USA
    U.S. Embassy, Nepal
    ASTA – American Society of Travel Advisors
    International Air Transport Association (IATA)
    Qatar Airways Turkish Airlines Emirates

    Thank you

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