Important Tips for Starting Small Business for Women in Nepal

Nepal, though having most of its population as females, i.e. 51%, is still a male-dominated culture with its accustomed beliefs of men being better than women or boy

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Nepal, though having most of its population as females, i.e. 51%, is still a male-dominated culture with its accustomed beliefs of men being better than women or boys being better than girls. However, Hinduism being the most followed religion in Nepal, most of the people still swear by beliefs like ‘one baby boy is better than four baby girls’ or ‘a late-born son is better than an early-born daughter’.

It is a mineral rich country providing various business opportunities for women in Nepal. It is high time we put these beliefs in a box, lock that box up and put it in the corner; never to open again. Today those baby girls are growing into such fine businesswomen no man can dare to compete with. Usha lama, who is today a US citizen living in California and running a successful travel agency of her own, once started as an air hostess of Royal Nepal Airlines Corporation. She is a proud Nepali, living in the US who has proved all those ancient beliefs absolutely wrong. She is catering to millions of her satisfied clients throughout the world and has proved that any Nepalese woman can be an amazing businesswoman, provided that you have that passion in you.


There are many business opportunities for women in Nepal. Here are a few things you must keep in mind if you are starting a new business of our own;

i)                  Once you choose a particular profession for yourself, you will have to stick to it. Therefore be very careful while choosing it. Choose not only what you’re good at; make sure it has chances of further growing rather than collapsing. After all, there are so many different business opportunities for women in Nepal.

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ii)                 Even e-commerce site owners have to face the bureaucratic world one day. Whether you start your business on land or online, make sure you finish the legalities of it first.

iii)                Women have this tendency of listening to their heart, which is a very good thing. But being a businesswoman, it is wiser to listen to both; your heart as well as your brain. In fact more of your brain, less of your heart.

iv)                DO NOT GIVE UP! Sometimes things will not be in your favour. There will be peer pressure, family restrictions, and critics all around. You may suffer due to a wrong business decision you made and there will be losses but do not give up! The light will always shine in and the night will always pass.

v)                 If you need financing, do not directly turn to the banks. They do not give loans to new business ideas and have lengthy and tiring procedures to follow. Also, the banks will require you to have a guarantor who can pay the amount, in case you fail to do so (God forbid).


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